NEW RecovHER CBD Pain Relief Roll-on by Lady Warrior

"I Recommend RecovHER for Muscle Recovery & Pain Relief!"

"I am amazed at how well RecovHER works and most importantly how fast it takes effect!  My legs were very sore from lifting so  I rubbed it over my thighs before I went to bed and by the morning they were noticeably less sore.  I also used it on my husband’s back and neck and he too felt less tension in the morning." -Megan L

RecovHER roll-on gel is for muscle recovery. 1500mg of pure hemp CBD extract gives immediate relief and penetrates deep to work into sore muscles and joints to alleviate aches, pain, strains, and stiffness. 


  • Instant relief for aches and pains
  • Fights inflammation 
  • Easy no-mess roll-on application
  • Aides in muscle workout recovery
  • Works into your muscles for long-term
  • Smells better than other brands
  • Five Star customer reviews!

"RecovHER soothes & relieves tightness so I can still be active!"

"After stressing my hamstring I have been using RecovHER a few times a day and it's AMAZING! I'm also using it on my notoriously tight shoulders and neck where I carry my stress, it really eases the tension! My husband used it after his half marathon and he is convinced it helped speed his recovery!  Great product for sore and tired muscles with cooling menthol and CBD for extra help! The roller is convenient to throw in your gym bag or take on the go!  I highly recommend RecovHER!"-Krista M


"RecovHER provides quick pain relief!"

"RecovHER has 3x the amount of CBD of my current product so I found it provided faster and longer lasting relief of my muscle aches. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming like my current product."-Erika Baka


"So Much Easier to Apply!"

"I really like RecovHER! Unlike another blue hued product on the market (BioFreeze), this applied clear which I really like that it doesn't leave a discoloration on my skin almost appearing like a bruise."- Angie T.


From Shannon - Lady Warrior

"Ladies, we're no strangers to challenging workouts. Every single day, we bring it, pushing past our limits, and “kick our trash” so that we can feel and look our best, but with that quest of mental and physical strength comes stress, inflammation, and fatigue within our muscles and as we challenge our bodies, we also need to care for them." - Shannon

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