From Lady Warrior Founder Shannon

From Lady Warrior Founder Shannon

Ladies, we're no strangers to challenging workouts. Every single day, we bring it, pushing past our limits, and “kick our trash” so that we can feel and look our best, but with that quest of mental and physical strength comes stress, inflammation, and fatigue within our muscles and as we challenge our bodies, we also need to care for them.

I know first-hand how important recovery is, especially when we're dealing with tired, sore, and inflamed muscles. I found myself searching for a product that wasn't just effective but was also simple to use and specifically designed for our unique needs as warriors.

And that's how the Lady Warrior RecovHER CBD Roll-On was born!

Designed with you in mind, my CBD roll-on is the ultimate post-workout companion that targets your problem areas directly, providing relief right where you need it most.

But it's not just about instant relief. With its potent anti-inflammatory properties, it actively fights against inflammation, giving your muscles the optimum environment to heal and recover faster.

What makes this product a game-changer is its convenience!. The roll-on design makes application quick, efficient, and mess-free. No need to worry about greasy hands or difficult containers. Just roll it on and experience its soothing capabilities. 

And the best part? RecovHER is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Tuck one in your gym bag, slip one in your car, or stash one at your office desk or suitcase. RecovHER CBD Roll-On is always ready to soothe your muscles and alleviate inflammation, no matter where life takes you.

I created the Lady Warrior RecovHER CBD Roll-On because I believe in providing only the best for all of us! We workout hard, and we need a recovery solution that works just as hard. We're not just women. We're warriors.

Experience the revolution in post-workout recovery with my Lady Warrior RecovHER CBD Roll-On. It's not just about being strong, it's about feeling fantastic, bouncing back faster, and being ready for the next challenge, so let's treat ourselves to the recovery we deserve. 

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